Antique Shanghai Pop Music


As a person of choice yet eclectic tastes, I am deeply grateful that these old tunes have proved somewhat more enduring than time and I must have first come across them by no mere coincidence. For a long time, I was under the impression that, few would consider these relics options of contemporary entertainment though they were doubtlessly subject of curiosity. After all, we already have so many to choose from, and many can conjure sentiments, perhaps more relevant to the Zeitgeist of today. However, antique Shanghai pop music has the appeal to a certain sentimentality that is not only understood through the context of history; it can be thought as a discontinued school of aesthetics, a lost craft. Thus, I truly hope that something new will be introduced when I expose the potential joy of the music. As the installments are created, I shall also make ongoing effort to establish a web presence where the detailed information of the songs, singers, composers and possibly even more is somewhat permanently housed.

Release schedule

Please be regretfully informed that it is not possible to guarantee that a new installment can be made available at a definite interval but rest assured that the most ardent endeavor is in progress. And please pardon that some relevant song, singer, composer information might not be immediately available at the release time of each installment.


I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions. But Please be understanding if I do not find the time to reply immediately. Do drop a line at: