Glamour from an Erstwhile Era

In this pilot installment, you can hear songs by some of the biggest stars that shone in the night sky of Shanghai in the 30’s and 40’s. Most of the recordings featured here were made at the height of Chinese Antique Pop. They are representative of the sophisticated taste of mid to late 40’s and demonstrate a unique flavor particular to the period - rich, ornate, delicate but devoid of bashfulness. To mention a few resounding names: Zhou Xuan, Li Xiang Lan, Yao Li, Bai Guang, Bai Hong, Wu Ying Yin, and Ou Yang Fei Ying.
Shanghai at Night 夜上海
Zhou Xuan / 周璇
April 11, 1945
The Love That Cannot Be Had 得不到的愛情
Yao Li / 姚莉
March 18, 1948
Let the Bright Moon Convey My Longing to the Far-and-away 明月千里寄相思
Wu Ying Yin / 吳鶯音
August 5, 1948
You Are So Beautiful 你真美麗
Zhang Lu / 張露
May 20, 1948
I'm Waiting for Your Return 等著你回來
Bai Guang / 白光
February 21, 1948
Tuberoses 夜來香
Li Xiang Lan / 李香蘭
June 16, 1944
The Intoxicating Lip Rouge 醉人的口紅
Bai Hong / 白虹
Anticipating the Dusk in the Misty, Drizzly Rain 細雨迷濛昐黃昏
Bai Yun / 白雲
Flying all over the Dance Floor 滿場飛
Zhang Fan / 張帆
December 16, 1938
Who Made a Knot in My Heart? 誰在我的心頭打個結
Li Li Hua / 李麗華
October 25, 1943
The Young Lady on the Rickshaw 三輪車上的小姐
Yun Yun / 雲雲
May 28, 1947
The Spring Is Here but You Are Not Here 春來人不來
Liang Ping / 梁萍
January 27, 1948
Shangri-La 香格里拉
Ou Yang Fei Ying / 歐陽飛鶯
May 28, 1947